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Producing in accordance with good agricultural practices that promote sustainability in agriculture are essential for not compromising the capacity of future generations: maintenance of a legal reserve of native vegetation, protection of water sources andwater bodies, and good working conditions on the farms are practices that we believe are our responsibility.

Our numbers:


Legal reserve:

17,100,000 m²


preservation area:

5,730,000 m²


preservation area:

22,830,000 m²


Agricultural Certification is one of the most powerful and efficient strategies used today. It is a set of social, environmental and economic norms and rules, which encompass the demands of the consumer market, helping to create specific products in terms of acceptance and prices, differentiating products and producers.

Taking these principles into account, José Carlos Grossi adhered, in 2005, to the Agricultural Certification. Conservation practices are essential for the practice of good agriculture in the long term, such as maintenance of the legal reserve of native vegetation, good working conditions on farms and the protection of water sources and margins of water bodies.

The objective of the Agricultural Certification Program on José Carlos Grossi's farms is to seek a balance between agricultural activity and socio-environmental conservation, ensuring compliance with social, environmental and economic aspects in the properties, promoting sustainability. The certification helps in the practice of responsible agriculture, and encourages the adequacy of production systems with the protection of biodiversity, providing socioeconomic development not only on the farms, but also in the local communities where they are located.


Rainforest Alliance

The Sustainable Agriculture Network is an international non-profit conservation organization that certifies coffee properties, ensuring they meet strict standards of environmental conservation and the welfare rights of workers and local communities.



The Brazilian Association of Special Coffees (BSCA) certifys lots for
the quality control of special coffees.



ABRINQ Foundation for the Rights of Children and Adolescents, with the Child Friendly
Company seal, which aims to eradicate child labor in Brazil.


Cerrado Mineiro Region

A region of attitude, for the new world of coffee. We are the Cerrado Mineiro Region.
An origin that produces differentiated coffees, the first in Brazil with a Designation of
Origin (D.O) for coffee, comprising 55 municipalities located in the northwest of the State of Minas Gerais.

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