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Since 1972

developing coffee growing
in the Cerrado Mineiro Region.

Our History


Luigi Grossi, great-grandfather, and Antônio Grossi, grandfather of José Carlos Grossi, came from Italy to Brazil, in 1887, to work in the coffee plantations in the interior of the state of São Paulo.



José Carlos Grossi


Celia Maria Martins Grossi


José Carlos Grossi Segundo


Matheus Grossi Terceiro


Luciana Martinez Grossi


Our Purpose

Provide integrated solutions for the coffee market, preserving and thriving pioneering spirit, generating high performance results, ensuring our fundamental principles and high quality in everything we do.


Develop agribusiness by offering high quality coffees, preserving the environment, valuing rural people and promoting an exclusive experience for consumers.

Our Pillars

Our pillars are the principles and values that move us. They are the ones who inform and guide our actions and decisions, in everything we do, every day.

Preserve and prosper pioneering
• Ensure high quality
• Promote high performance
• Integrated solutions
• Mutuality

Our values

• Lasting relationships: Based on respect and proximity
• Commitment: Love for what we do
• Meritocracy: Employee appreciation and recognition
• Sustainability: Environmental and social development and preservation
• Reliability: Documented and transparent processes
• Quality: Search for excellence

Our People

When our founder, José Carlos Grossi, came to Patrocínio, he established important connections with people through his passion for coffee and the land, that's how the JC Grossi & Filhos team was started. Since 1972, we have connected people with a passion for coffee growing and who believe that, with their work, they can contribute to the development of this important culture.

Today, our team is highly professional and committed to the best results in all our work fronts, which means that, by bringing people together on our journey, we unite talents to build together the present and future of coffee growing.



Are you interested in joining our team?

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