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Since 1972

developing coffee growing
in the Cerrado Mineiro Region


JC Grossi & Filhos

When José Carlos Grossi arrived in Patrocínio, in the Cerrado Mineiro Region, in 1972, he had a very strong direction in mind: win or win, and this motivated him to write his own history in the coffee industry, which has always been present in his family. 

The business started with a coffee farm and, due to a strategic vision, the founder realized that a vertical integration was necessary, exclusively to assist and support the entire coffee production chain.


To win and to conquer the dreams that brought José Carlos Grossi to the lands of the Cerrado Mineiro region, there was a key element for the success of the projects, which is the close and lasting relationship with customers and partners, in Brazil and around the world. Thus, with this element connected to the dream of making the new lands prosper, the JC Grossi & Filhos brand has marked each step of this journey with sustainability and proximity. 

Welcome to our history in coffee growing

and with coffee growing.

We believe that agricultural production needs to be in line with the environment to ensure that agriculture and natural resources be lasting, so we work in accordance with good agricultural practices to promote sustainability in our daily actions, such as maintaining a legal reserve, protection of water sources, protection of fauna, care and respect for people on our farms and in the communities where we operate.

We know this is part of our responsibility, as well as part of our commitment to the present and future generation, to the land that guarantees us to live our dream and to the people who support us on our journey.



Our Coffees


Collection with lots of high quality,
the result of the unique talent of
our founder.


Alto Cafezal

Alto Cafezal is the exporting company of coffees produced by J.C Grossi & Filhos. It was founded in 1999 with the objective of adding value to the coffees produced by the production units and assisting a growing demand from the foreign market for high quality coffees of controlled origin.

Alto Paranaíba Armazéns Gerais was created in 2008, thinking about meeting all the needs of the coffee grower in storage and preparation of coffee. Our objective is to provide services in the storage and preparation of grains from the Cerrado Mineiro region, with efficiency and safety, taking the same care we take with ours.

Our Warehouses

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