About Alto Estates

We are Alto Estates - Specialty Coffee, a company created to centralize the productive units of J.C Grossi & Filhos.

The coffee plantations of the Alto Estates are planted at altitudes varying from 840 to 1,140 meters, located in the Cerrado Mineiro Region, a region of singular terroir, that produces some of the best coffees of Brazil for having well-defined climatic seasons, uniform maturity and abundance of sunlight during the harvest season.

All properties are at a maximum 70 kilometers from the city of Patrocínio, which is a large and active commercial coffee-growing center, considered to be the biggest coffee producing region in Brazil.

Our processes

In order to obtain quality consistency in the production of coffees, J.C Grossi & Filhos adopted the strategy of verticalization of production activities and, today, it has the complete domain of the quality control and tracking system of the production processes of our coffees.

Our productive units